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​Activity Consent Forms


2019 Senior Shirts

All students - student resource scheme

Shared Financial Responsibility Form

Medical Administration Forms

*note all Medical Administration Forms must be printed in colour.  If you can't print in colour, please contact the office 3716 2111

Medical Procedures Protocols Parent Information Pack

Written Asthma Action Plan

Administration of Medication Form

Allergic Reactions Action Plan Template

Anaphylaxis Action Plan Template

If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.



Folder: 2018 Newsletters2018 Newsletters2018 Newsletters
Folder: Comprehension strategiesComprehension strategiesComprehension strategies
Folder: Curriculum OverviewsCurriculum OverviewsCurriculum Overviews
Folder: P and CP and CP and C
Folder: Parent NotesParent NotesParent Notes
Folder: School Crossing Supervisor 2018School Crossing Supervisor 2018School Crossing Supervisor 2018
Folder: TuckshopTuckshopTuckshop
Folder: Year Level BooklistsYear Level BooklistsYear Level Booklists
High Five 4-7.docHigh Five 4-762 KB
High Five P-3 (1).docHigh Five P-3 (1)63 KB
QAR-Bookmarks.pdfQAR-Bookmarks618 KB
Principal Report PC 160229.pdfPrincipal Report PC 16022976 KB
Model Number Facts and Mental Computation Test year 2.pdfModel Number Facts and Mental Computation Test year 2204 KB
Model Number Facts and Mental Computation Test year 3.pdfModel Number Facts and Mental Computation Test year 3206 KB
Model Number Facts and Mental Computation Test year 4.pdfModel Number Facts and Mental Computation Test year 4211 KB
Model Number Facts and Mental Computation Test year 5.pdfModel Number Facts and Mental Computation Test year 5212 KB
Model Number Facts and Mental Computation Test year 6.pdfModel Number Facts and Mental Computation Test year 6328 KB
Sherwood SS Enrolment Form.pdfSherwood SS Enrolment Form370 KB
Media Photograph state school consent form.pdfMedia Photograph state school consent form209 KB
audited-financials-2014.pdfAudited financial statements 2014audited-financials-2014655 KB
discipline-audit-executive-summary-august-2014.pdfDiscipline Audit executive summary 21 August 2014discipline-audit-executive-summary-august-2014374 KB
SIU-sherwood-state-school-executive-summary-2016.pdfExecutive Summary Report 2016SIU-sherwood-state-school-executive-summary-2016428 KB
Great Results Guarantee.pdfGreat Results Guarantee InformationGreat Results Guarantee899 KB
investing-for-success -MER-2017.pdfInvesting for Success MER 2017investing-for-success -MER-2017244 KB
investing-for-success-MER-2018.pdfInvesting for Success MER 2018investing-for-success-MER-201879 KB
mobile-phone-usage-form.pdfMobile Phone usage permission formmobile-phone-usage-form20 KB
QAR-Supporting-Reading- Comprehension.pdfQAR Supporting reading comprehensionQAR-Supporting-Reading- Comprehension679 KB
refund-credit-form.pdfRefund credit formrefund-credit-form85 KB
responsible-behaviour-plan-2012-2015.pdfResponsible behaviour plan 2012 - 2015responsible-behaviour-plan-2012-20151172 KB
school-disciplinary-absences-report.pdfSchool disciplinary absences reportschool-disciplinary-absences-report30 KB
School24 Canteen Online Ordering.pdfSchool24 Canteen Online OrderingSchool24 Canteen Online Ordering186 KB
School24 User Guide.pdfSchool24 User GuideSchool24 User Guide1154 KB
Sherwood SS Responsible Behaviour Plan.pdfSherwood SS Responsible Behaviour PlanSherwood SS Responsible Behaviour Plan859 KB
timeout-poster.pdfTimeout Postertimeout-poster703 KB
enrolment-data-update-form.pdfUpdate family detailsenrolment-data-update-form57 KB
year 1.pdfYear 1 curriculumyear 1674 KB
Year 2.pdfYear 2 CurriculumYear 2599 KB
Year 3.pdfYear 3 CurriculumYear 3710 KB
year 4.pdfYear 4 Curriculumyear 4773 KB
Year 5.pdfYear 5 CurriculumYear 5671 KB
Year 6.pdfYear 6 CurriculumYear 6712 KB