Important message for parents and carers 8 August


Dear Parents & Carers, 

You will no doubt have heard that the lockdown is being lifted today.  Whilst this is welcome news, we will need to implement additional restrictions to minimise transmission and further protect the health and safety of our school community. These additional restrictions will include wearing of masks on school sites for all adults (and children in our high schools) and limiting parents, carers and other visitors on school sites unless absolutely necessary.

I realise that having parents and carers on our school site is part of our school routine and this restriction will be challenging, especially for our youngest students.  However, these restrictions are necessary so our students can return to their classrooms from Monday 9th August  in the safest way possible.  

At Sherwood SS, we will have the following measures in place, for the coming weeks, from Monday 9th,  to ensure everyone remains safe. 

* Wearing of masks for all adults (staff and parents) on school sites
Parents may want to have their children wear a mask.  
HOWEVER – please be aware, staff will not be monitoring this or ensuring this mask remains in place across the school day – if parents have this level of concern, perhaps school is not the right place for their child at this point.

* Staff will load our week 5 remote learning activities so children remaining at home or children STILL AT HOME in QUARANTINE can continue learning from home.
The collaborate session will no longer be possible as teachers will now be back in front of classes.
Teachers will be in contact with students still at home due to quarantine early this week to ensure they stay connected.

* All children of families who have been in QUARANTINE will remain in quarantine until the date advised by QLD Health – they cannot return to school prior to that date.

* We will restrict parents and visitors on school sites.
Until further notice there will be no assemblies, no parent helpers allowed in classrooms, no special activities planned for classes, no incursions, no excursions, no RI classes etc.

* Staff will again be at school entry points - and we ask parents to say goodbyes at his point.
Please drop children at our gates to staff between 8.30am and 8.45am
If you require children to be onsite earlier than this time – please access our OSHC

* To assist with traffic congestion
Prep and year 1 students will finish school at 2.45pm daily until week 7, and can be collected from gates at this point
Preps or year 1 students using the pick-up zone can be collected at 2.45pm
IF you have OLDER sibling please note if you want to pick-up younger children at 2.45pm, you will need to vacate the pick-up zone and return to pick-up older siblings from 3.05pm

The Department of Education has also asked us implement the following additional restrictions until otherwise advised:

* assemblies and other large group activities including instrumental music groups, choirs, performances, extra curricula sporting activities, and dancing will not be permitted

* interschool sport and excursions will not be permitted

*There will NO extra curricula group activities (e.g. tennis, gymnastics, drama club etc) on site for at least the next two weeks at this stage.

I realise the latest developments may create challenges for families, but please be assured these decisions have been taken as a necessary response to the evolving COVID-19 situation.

Further information for parents is available in the Department of Education’s frequently asked questions.

I encourage you to stay informed of the latest developments regarding COVID-19 by regularly visiting the Queensland Government’s COVID-19 website

We will do our best to keep you updated.  Please stay safe.

Amanda Hawkswell​

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Last reviewed 09 August 2021
Last updated 09 August 2021