Our leaders


Amanda Hawkswell, Principal 

Amanda is a proud educator who started her teaching career at Andergrove SS in Mackay more than 30 years ago.  She moved from the classroom into leadership in 2012, when she won a substantive Deputy Principal position.  Amanda has acted as Principal in other schools such as Salisbury SS, and was asked to step in as acting Principal at Sherwood in 2018.  In 2020, she was very fortunate to be made the substantive Principal here at Sherwood.  Amanda loves being part of the Sherwood school community. Working with staff, students and families to develop and grow our culture of 'paying it forward' at Sherwood brings her joy every day. 


Stacey Thomasen, Deputy Principal (Prep - Year 2)

Stacey has always been passionate about inclusive education, and graduated with a Major in Inclusive Education from university. She started her teaching career at Stretton State College, before transferring to Springfield Central State School in 2011. She was made a permanent Head of Curriculum in 2013, where she held various acting Deputy Principal roles. Stacey moved to Sherwood in 2019 and was appointed permanent Deputy Principal in 2020. She is particularly interested in Systematic Curriculum Delivery (assessment, reporting, pedagogy and curriculum), Student Services (inclusive education) and the Early Years. She says there’s so much to love about Sherwood SS, including the generosity of families and sense of community spirit, and being surrounded by kind students always striving to Aim Higher. She is also impressed by the high quality of learning evident in each classroom, which is reinforced at home by parents and carers. 

Eliza Borsht, Deputy Principal (Year 3 - 6) 

Eliza commenced her career in 2011 teaching Prep at Indooroopilly State School. She then moved to Silkstone State School before accepting her first leadership position as Principal of Mount Marrow State School in 2016. In 2018 Eliza was appointed substantive Deputy Principal at Sherwood State School and has thoroughly enjoying being part of this great school and community ever since. Eliza's passion for education stems from a deep belief in children and the bright future they hold for our world. She is committed to ensuring every student has a great teacher not by chance but by design. Her number one priority is the wellbeing of all – students, staff and community. She is committed to ensuring that every day, each student is being academically challenged, emotionally supported and is developing a love of life long learning. 

Brigitte Guenzler-Gilbert, Head of Department (Curriculum)

Brigitte has been with the department for more than 12 years and joined the Sherwood team in 2019.  Her speciality area is Middle Years of Schooling, with a focus on adolescent behaviour.  Brigitte holds a dual bachelor degree in both Education and Behavioural Studies.  She transferred to Sherwood from Augusta State School, where she had experience as a classroom teacher, writing coach, and Head of Curriculum.  Through her approachable disposition, Brigitte fosters relationships with staff, students and parents, and places great value on all students experiencing success. With a passion for data, Brigitte enjoys working with teachers and staff to ensure our students are achieving their personal best. Brigitte is the substantive Head of Department at Sherwood State School.​






Last reviewed 27 July 2022
Last updated 27 July 2022