Bring Your Own Device (iPad)


​​Sherwood State School has been using iPads as a learning tool in three of our Year 2 classrooms and two of our Year 3 classrooms during 2021.

The work being produced by students within these classes, and during our time of home learning, reinforces our belief in this as an effective and engaging tool for learning and as such we will maintain our commitment to this contemporary approach at Sherwood State School for 2022 and beyond. 

Sherwood will also move to NAPLAN online for our 2022 Year 3 and Year 5 students, so our students who have already been working within iPad classes, will be able to move into this space with greater confidence to navigate this tool during the NAPLAN testing time.

It is important to note that all students (not just iPad classes) learn about technologies as part of the Australian Curriculum - View Australian Curriculum - Technology 

What are the benefits of iPads?

  • The use of an iPad in the classroom is allowing a new way to deliver lessons and engage with students.
  • Resources are available at the click of a download button for very little cost.
  • iPads can be used by an individual student, a group of students or a whole classroom.
  • An iPad encourages problem solving, critical thinking and information fluency.
  • It's easy to use, can do everything a computer can do and encourages more engaged, challenging and creative learning.
  • If we are to prepare the children of today for a tomorrow which has not yet happened we must ensure they are ready for this change.
  • The use of an iPad in the classroom allows a new way to deliver lessons and engage with students.
  • iPads are portable and quick and easy to use and encourage problem solving, critical thinking and information fluency.
  • iPads are used across all year levels to engage and motivate students and to make learning more accessible for students with disabilities but also because they allow for the creation of new tasks previously inconceivable without such devices.

Some examples of how these devices were used to assist learning include:

  • researching of topics
  • note taking
  • drill and practice activities
  • crafting presentations
  • manipulating objects to make calculations
  • constructing animations and movies
  • coding and robotics
  • brainstorming
  • collaboration with peers
  • explaining and recording learning
  • viewing educational content

For teachers it can provide:

  • whole class engagement
  • limitless resources – apps available covering every subject area
  • whole class display - All the features of an interactive whiteboard
  • mobility – not restricted to front of class tethering
  • differentiated learning
  • lesson planning and resource management - integrated and
  • ease of use 

For students it can:

  • allow access to research resources
  • stimulate and encourage learning
  • be interactive – students are 'in' the lesson
  • improve student response ability
  • increase pupil involvement in lessons – engagement
  • incorporate ICT into lesson tasks
  • connects school to home

What is required if your child is in an iPad class?

Parents are required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding.  This will be emailed to parents of those students in iPad classes. 

If you are a Year 1 parent considering opting into the iPad classes for Year 2 in 2022 (or you have children currently in the non-iPad classes in Year 2 or 3 and want to opt in for 2022) below are the iPad Specifications for 2022:

  • 7th / 8th / 9th Generation iPad with the latest operating system (the cellular option is not required, but this can be a parental decision. NO SIM CARD at school please)​
  • Minimum 32G but preference for 64G or larger memory
  • NO iPad Minis or alternative device
  • A personal iTunes account with a budget of $75 (TBC) for the initial year (Year 2 2022)
  • An apps list will be provided just prior to school commencing in January 2022. Apps are to be loaded prior to the first day of school.
  • An iPad cover that will provide robust protection (heavy duty – but no large “character" covers please)
  • A stylus (or Apple pen if you would prefer)
  • A carry bag
  • Headphones (over the head style) – to stay at school

Last reviewed 25 October 2021
Last updated 25 October 2021