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​​​​​​Welcome to Prep 

We warmly welcome you to Prep at Sherwood in 2023-2024. We invite you to begin your familiarisation with our Prep program by viewing this short video​. You may also like to share it with your little one! 

Key D​ates

Our Prep Transition process aims to give families multiple opportunities to visit the school and for us as a school to get to know our future Prep students. The below information details the scheduled events across the rest of the school year. If there are any changes, we will be sure to communicate this to families and Early Childhood Education Centres. 

Transition Days​

Term 3

All in-catchment, enrolled future Prep students are invited to attend one transition day. The transition day gives the children the opportunity to work and play in a Prep classroom. While the children are in the classrooms, parents will hear from school support staff around Prep readiness and how you can prepare your child for commencing their year at Prep.

Local Early Childhood Education Centre Visits

Term 4

As a school, we are in contact with a number of Early Childhood Centres to organise ways in which the centres and the school can connect and assist in making the transition process for families as supportive as possible. In collaboration with the centres, we look to arrange opportunities for centres to visit the school with the children.  

Prep Interviews

Term 4

All future Prep enrolments will have an opportunity to meet with a School Leadership Team Member and a current Prep Teacher. Part of this interview process includes the completion of a screener assessment and an opportunity for parents to share specific interests of their child.  This 20-30 minute interview allows the school the opportunity to get to know each individual student and family.

We offer two interview options:

  1. On site interviews at Sherwood State School
  2. At your child's Early Childhood Centre 

Orientation Day

Term 4

All future Prep children, as well as their parents and guardians, are invited to attend the Orientation Day. Students will be placed into four class groups and will spend time with their class teacher and teacher aide in their future classroom. Parents are invited to participate in the classroom orientation activities and meet their child's teacher and teacher aide. Our enrolments officer will email you confirmation of the orientation time you are invited to attend.​

Pre-Prep Possums

Term 4 

In-catchment families can enrol in our Prep-readiness playgroup, the "Pre-Prep Possums". The program includes five fortnightly sessions and a special take-home pack at a cost to be advised. Playgroup will be fortnightly on either a Monday or Thursday. 

At these sessions, your children will engage with a variety of learning spaces, including the Prep classrooms, outdoor learning area, playgrounds etc. You will have an opportunity to observe your children in these settings, as well as to meet with school staff to hear prep readiness messages. This is a fantastic opportunity for you and your child to embark on your Prep transition.  More details information about this program can be collected when your completed school enrolment forms are returned to the office.​ Places are limited and payment secures your child's position in this program.

PrePrep Possums.PNG

​Enrolling in OSHC

Enrolments open for future Prep families around October the year prior. If you have previously contacted the team at OSHC, your email address would have been added to the Expression of Interest list and as a result you will receive an Enrolment Package at this time. If you are unsure whether you are on the email list, please contact OSHC at to verify this. Alternatively, digital versions of the Enrolment package will be made available on the website​.

Contact Details

Should you have any queries about the enrolment process or the events outlined above please do not hesitate to contact staff below:

                       Enrolments Officer – Helen James

                       Deputy Principal – Stacey Thomasen

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Last reviewed 15 February 2023
Last updated 15 February 2023