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​Medication at school​

​If your child has a listed medical condition requiring medication, this needs to be delivered promptly to the office before, or on, the student's first day of school, complete with a doctor's label and accompanied by the relevant forms, which can be supplied by the school office, or available on the website here

COVID-19 vaccination requirements at school

On Tuesday 30 November 2021, the Premier announced a new public health direction requiring mandatory vaccination for workers in schools and early childhood settings. This means that all workers entering our school will need to have at least one vaccination dose by 17 December 2021 and be fully vaccinated by 23 January 2022.


Who is required to be COVID-19 vaccinated under the new directive?
Anyone who works in, undertakes an educational placement in, or volunteers in a school, early childhood centre (such as a kindergarten) or childcare centre is considered a worker in an education setting.

This includes:

  • teachers
  • teacher aides
  • cleaners
  • administration officers, business managers, schools' officers, IT staff, agricultural assistants, and all school support staff
  • an employee of a company that supplies services to an education setting, such as plumbing, electrical and building services
  • a contract teacher or early childhood instructor engaged for relief work
  • volunteers who assist in delivering support activities and services in education settings such as tuckshop, reading programs, etc.
  • chaplains, entertainers or support workers visiting education settings
  • university students on practical placement, school work experience or traineeship in education settings including early childhood education and care settings
  • psychologists or therapists providing support for individuals in education settings
  • a dentist in a school dental clinic
  • identified staff within regional and central offices who are required to be present in a school as part of their work duties, i.e. where attendance at a school is necessary to fulfil the requirements of their job.
  • Persons or employees of companies accessing school facility hire arrangements
  • Employees of Parents and Citizens Associations, including OSHC

Schools are considered high risk environments in terms of COVID-19 and as such this new direction applies to a broad range of work arrangements (e.g. contractors, volunteers). 

Do visitors including parents need to be vaccinated?

The requirement to be fully vaccinated does not apply to visitors including family members to schools and early childhood education and care services.

How can schools check proof of vaccination for visitors, contractors and volunteers? 

Our school will utilise the check in Qld app or sight vaccination certificates to gain proof of vaccination for visitors, contractors and volunteers. Copies of vaccination certificates do not need to be kept by the school. However, schools will need to keep a record this has been sighted as part of visitor management systems.

Our school is required to ensure that any workers who come on-site during school hours have evidence of their vaccination status and report to the front office for check in purposes upon arrival. I​ trust this information assists you and your organisation prior to entering our school. Please don't hesitate to contact Principal Amanda Hawkswell ( if you would like any further information or would like to discuss arrangements.​

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Last reviewed 27 January 2022
Last updated 27 January 2022