QParents troubleshooting


Good morning families,

Thank you to all those who have registered for QParents. We have been pleased with the quick uptake, with more than 30% of families already approved and on board. Our Year 3 families are leading the charge - well done. 

We understand that with the implementation of all new processes, there can be a few teething issues along the way. Below are some helpful suggestions to assist you to navigate the process. If you are still having troubles, please phone 13 74 68 and follow the prompts to QParents for assistance. 

Issue: Parents already have a QParents account from another school, and it is showing the Sherwood student cannot be found.

If you already have a QParents account but have received a new invitation email with a new unique invitation code, you will need to click on the link provided in the email and follow the prompts onscreen to complete the process of adding your child. Please do not try to add a new child through the app without using the unique login link for Sherwood. 

It is also important to note that the parent adding a child to an existing account needs to be the primary holder of the QParents account. 

Issue: The unique invitation code has not arrived via email. 

This unique invitation code has been automatically issued to the first parent who resides with your child. This is not necessarily the parent who receives invoices. Please note, the school can send invitations to additional parents in the case where families do not reside at the same address. 

The first parent who receives a QParents invite can also issue an invitation to additional family members once their account is approved. 

Please also check your spam inbox for an email message with the subject "Register as a QParents Account Owner" from if you are still waiting on an email. All correspondence was issued before 10am on Monday 13 March. 

Issue: Parents not supplying sufficient identification documents, resulting in a 'low-doc' application.

Please wait until you have gathered all necessary identification documentation before you complete your online registration. We understand not all parents will have 100 points of identification available to be uploaded, however if you upload as much as you can, we can assist in the office to sight the remaining identification. 

Office staff are ideally available between 9.15am - 2.30pm daily to sight documentation which is unable to be uploaded in QParents. As you can appreciate, our office is very busy during drop off and pick up times, making it difficult to sight documentation for multiple families. 

Thank you for your support during this transition process.

Kind regards,

The Sherwood Admin Team ​

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Last reviewed 15 March 2023
Last updated 15 March 2023